Can the non-human labor of microbes solve the cryptocurrency energy crisis?

After Hurricane Maria: What might it look like if nonhuman forces could be put in the driver’s seat during Puerto Rico’s reconstruction?

A telematic garden, both real and virtual, whose lifeline is linked to monetary exchanges between the developed and developing world.

A garden of illuminated hanging planters whose lifelines are dependent on the techno-social rhythms of social media

A crowdsourcing project that let’s you make your own porn via outsourced anonymous online workers on Mechanical Turk.

An interactive installation that enables users to build their own dream home by extracting global resources in Google Earth.

A virtual sweatshop in Second Life about digital labor and outsourcing that makes real-world wearable jeans.

An augmented reality mobile tour and workshop exploring the in/visible traces of urban renewal in the South Bronx.

A mixed reality talk show that takes place in the virtual environment of Second Life and simultaneously in a physical theater.

A real travel office in the heart of Beijing, China selling exclusive full package tours of America.