• Harvestworks Group Exhibition “The Process”

    Excited to debut the first iteration of “Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling” at Harvestworks exhibition space on Governors Island in NYC. Exhibition dates: Sept 1 – Oct 29, 2023.

    [Sept 1 -Oct 29]  Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling by Stephanie Rothenberg and Suzanne Thorpe

    [June 30 – Oct 29] THE PROCESS – an art and tech exhibition

  • Changwon Sculpture Biennale

    Excited to show “Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling” co-created with Suzanne Thorpe @feminumelectric in KOREA at the Changwon Sculpture Biennale. The project is a multimedia operetta that explores the impact of anthropogenic noise on oyster life cycles in New York harbor. Project supported by a 2022 @Harvestworks New Works Program residency and partnership with the Billion Oyster Project @billionoyster in NYC

  • 2022 Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center residency

    Thrilled that my collaborator, sound artist Suzanne Thorpe, and I have received a 2022 Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center residency to create our immersive media artwork “Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling”. We will be partnering with the Billion Oyster Project, a NYC based nonprofit working to ecologically restore the city’s waterways through oyster reseeding/repopulating initiatives.

  • Meta.Morf 2022 Ecophilia: Trondheim International Biennale

    APRIL 1 – AUGUST 14, 2022
    Trondheim, Norway
    Extremely excited to be participating with my project “Aquadisia” in this biennale that features so many of my favorite artists and curators including Laura Beloff, Martin Howse, Jens Hauser, Spela Pectric, Rasa Smite and Jakob Steensen,

  • 4th Renewable Futures in conjunction with FELT (Future of Living Technologies)

    NOVEMBER 4-5, 2021
    Oslo, Norway (virtual)
    I’ve been participating yearly in this fantastic series of symposia and exhibitions under the umbrella project called “Renewable Futures”. For this year’s event based out of Oslo, I will be giving a short artist talk and also featured in the screening program curated by Jens Hausner and Kristen Bergaust where I’m showing the “Aquadisia” water promotional video.


  • BIFF Buffalo International Film Festival

    OCTOBER 7-11, 2021
    Great to be part of this Buffalo-based film festival where I’ll be screening the “Aquadisia” water promotional video at Silo City!


  • SLSA Society for Literature, Sciences and the Arts annual conference

    SEPTEMBER 30- OCTOBER 3, 2021
    University at Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (virtual)

    I’m very happy to be very involved in this year’s SLSA as it was postponed last year. I’ll be speaking on 3 panels (!!!) and also presenting “Aphrodisiac in the Machine” in the online project poster exhibition.


  • PostSensorium Symposium at 2021 RIXC Art Science Festival

    SEPTEMBER 24-25, 2021
    Riga, Latvia (virtual and in person)

    Excited to present a new work in progress “Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling”, a collaboration with sound artist Suzanne Thorpe, that explores the “listening” oyster and the impact of noise pollution in New York Harbor.


  • 2021 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF)

    MARCH 22 – APRIL 11, 2021
    Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

    Looking forward to several events at FLEFF this year: a keynote speaker event in conversation with Claudia Pederson where I’ll talk about “Aphrodisiac in the Machine” and my new video “The Beauty Spot” reflecting on COVID-19 featured in the “Entangled Infiltrations” virtual exhibit!



  • PLASMA Department of Media Study Speaker Series, University at Buffalo

    FEBRUARY 22, 2021

    Excited to be part of this season’s speaker series!


  • ISEA 2020 Montreal “Why Sentience?”

    OCTOBER 13-18, 2020
    ISEA 2020 Montreal “Why Sentience?”


    I’m thrilled to be part of ISEA 2020 Montreal “Why Sentience?”. I’ll be showing “Aquadisia”, a new version of my ongoing project “Aphrodisiac in the Machine.” This new version manifests as an immersive website and participatory performance about the magical powers of drinking cyborg oyster juice. I will also be speaking on two panels: “Queering Infrastructure: The System Through the Erotic” with Antonia Hernandez, Kathy High and Joel Ong and “Boundary Crossings” with Roberta Buiani, Joel Ong and Jennifer Willet.

  • “Aphrodisiac in the Machine” at Baruch College, NYC

    FEBRUARY 18–MAY 1, 2020
    Baruch College, New York, NY

    I’m thrilled to be showing a special 4-channel installation at Baruch College this winter/spring. The video installation spanning 4 floors takes you through the history of the oyster “Ostreidae” to its current bioengineered form. The videos provide an overview of oyster cultivation from worker food source to bourgeois delicacy, genetic modification in the lab and harvesting in the futuristic aquaculture farm.  I will also be giving a public artist lecture on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. in the Engelman Recital Hall, BPAC at Baruch College.

  • Xenoform Labs Residency, San Francisco

    JANUARY, 2020

    I’m thrilled kickoff 2020 at Xenoform Labs, a new art and technology residency started by artist Scott Kildall. I’ll be experimenting with soft robotics to create a robotic oyster sculpture for my media installation “Aphrodisiac in the Machine.” And I get to be in California for January!

  • “Goodbye Cruel World It’s Over” at Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf

    NOVEMBER 27 – FEBRUARY 2, 2020
    Weltkunstzimmer Art Center, Düsseldorf, DE

    I’m thrilled to be in the exhibition “Goodbye Cruel World” curated by Janine Blöß at the Weltkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf along with some of my favorite artists including Sasa Spacal and Verena Friedrich. I’ll be showing a few works including “Proof of Soil” and “Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales.”

  • TechnoMEME exhibition at the Cultural Arts Center, Columbus Ohio

    NOVEMBER 1 – DECEMBER 14, 2019

    Cultural Arts Center, Columbus Ohio

    The group exhibition, Technomeme 2019, considers how new media art translates the ongoing technological phenomena of replication, imitation, variation, reproduction, and mutation responding to technological evolution at the nexus of digital culture. A project of FUSE Factory.

  • “Re: Working Labor Exhibition” at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    SEPTEMBER 20–NOVEMBER 27, 2019
    RE: WORKING LABOR > Proof of Soil
    Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    This fall I’m debuting a new artwork titled “Proof of Soil” in a fantastic exhibition called “Re: Working Labor” that explores the current state of contemporary labor. My piece looks at the problem of massive energy required to produce cryptocurrency. It speculates on the new forms of non-human labor – the labor of microbes in contaminated soil/brown fields (microbial fuel cells) as a solution to power the massive energy use of the computer AI of the blockchain to create cryptocurrency.

  • Z/KU Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin


    Berlin, Germany

    I’m excited to be a resident fellow at Z/KU this fall. It’s located in an old train station in the neighborhood of Moabit. I’ll be developing two projects that explore the ethical and socio-economic dimensions of biology as technology for human survival in extreme landscapes. Specifically the mass extraction of resources as the dominant solution to support human life and innovations in biological engineering.


  • 2019 Dinacon 2

    AUGUST 13 – 26, 2019
    Gamboa, Panama
    I’m thrilled to be going to Gamboa, Panama to participate in Dinacon 2! Created by artist Andrew Quitmeyer Dinacon is is an experimental conference about exploring new ways of interacting with nature. Situated in the heart of the Panamanian Rainforest and the hub of the Panama Canal, Gamboa is one of the world’s major sites for biological field research.

  • 2019 TOKAS Tokyo Art and Space Residency

    FEBRUARY 4 – MARCH 16, 2019
    Tokyo, Japan
    I’m been awarded a 6-week research residency at TOKAS Tokyo Art and Space in Japan. I’ll be conducting research for 2 projects. One is in conjunction with my visiting scholar position at Bowdoin College and explores the impact of climate change on Japan’s fishing industries alongside innovations in aquaculture farming. The other project examines robotics and regenerative/life extending technologies within the world of transhumanism.

  • 2019-2019 Visiting Scholar, Roux Center for Environmental Research

    AUGUST 2018 – JUNE 2019
    Roux Center for Environmental Research, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine

    I’m thrilled to announce that I am the inaugural Roux Scholar-in-Residence at the new Roux Center for Environmental Research at Bowdoin College for the 2018-2019 academic year! In this role I will be collaborating with faculty and students in the Environmental Studies program to create an interactive artwork focused on the changing Maine coastline and its impact on the regional fishing industry. My first week on campus was exhilarating with visits to both art and science classes including the immersive studies course that takes place outside on the bay at the Schiller Coastal Studies on Orr Island. I spent the day with students wading in magnificent tide pools studying sea organisms.

    Read more about the residency here:

  • Material Resources: Intersections of Art and the Environment

    DECEMBER 6, 2018 – JUNE 2, 2019
    Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, Maine
    “Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales” is featured in this exhibition that explores the intersections of art and the environment with works drawn from the Museum’s permanent collection. Featuring objects from antiquity to today, “Material Resources: Intersections of Art and the Environment” examines artists’ dependence on Earth’s material resources, while presenting art as an integral “material” resource in the study of the environment.
    I am thrilled to be next to Le Corbusier’s “Untitled (Plan for a Model City)” from 1935!


  • Multiple Contingencies

    NOVEMBER 15 – 18, 2018
    Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD), Toronto, CA

    A new version of “Planthropy” featured in this exhibition curated by Belinda Kwan that responds to this year’s SLSA conference theme “Out of Mind.” Multiple Contingencies explores some of the foreign and extra-rational forces that challenge and undo the way our minds run.

    Presented as a part of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA)
    Cohosted by University of Waterloo and York University

  • Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales (solo exhibition)

    OCTOBER 5 – 27, 2018
    El Museo Gallery, Buffalo, NY
    “Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales” debuts in a solo exhibition at one of Buffalo’s oldest alternative spaces located in Allentown.
    Read more about the project and view exhibition images:


  • Three Acts, Three Scenes

    JUNE 24 – JULY 22, 2018
    Kunstraum LLC, Brooklyn, NY

    “Planthropy” featured in this exhibition that expands notions of care through three curatorial “acts” composed of three artistic “scenes.” Three Acts, Three Scenes asks us to consider how we extend care to others, take ownership of our own care, and navigate the precariousness of the world, remaining conscious of our own interconnectedness to others across multiple landscapes and within larger webs of relations.


  • FEMeeting Portugal

    JUNE 15 – 19, 2018
    Portugal: Lisbon, Évora and São Luís, Odemira
    FEMeeting 2018 is a conference co-organised by Cultivamos Cultura and CIC.Digital of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in partnership with Centro de Arte e Cultura/Fundação Eugénio de Almeida and Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa. The Meeting’s aim is to bring together women from all over the world to share and disseminate their projects in the arts, science and technology research. I am thrilled to be a part of this first meeting with so many incredible women working in the area of art and science!

  • Hybrid Labs Symposium, Aalto University, Helsinki

    MAY 30 – JUNE 1
    Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

    Looking forward to presenting “Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales of the Anthropocene” at this interdisciplinary conference that is the 3rd edition of the Renewable Futures project.

  • The Festival de la Imagen, Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia

    MAY 7 – 11, 2018
    Manizales, Columbia

    Thrilled to be traveling to Manizales, Columbia for the 2018 Festival de la Imagen. I will participating in the exhibition with “Planthropy”, giving a keynote at the conference as well as an artist conversation with FACT curator Mike Stubbs. Special thanks to Asher Toledo-Remy at Hyphen Hub NYC for inviting me to participate. Other artists and speakers include Janet Biggs and Barbara London.


  • 2018 MoneyLab Buffalo: Matters of Currency Symposium (organizer)

    APRIL 27 – 28, 2018
    Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center and Squeaky Wheel Media Art Center, Buffalo, NY
    Super excited to be co-organizing the first North American MoneyLab, a critical finance event started by Geert Lovink at University of Amsterdam 5 years ago. Confirmed speakers include: Jason W. Moore, Adrian Blackwell, Caroline Woolard, Brett Scott, Cassie Thornton, Max Haiven, Fran Illich, Gabriela Ceja, Patricia de Vries, Leigh Claire La Berge, Caitlin Blanchfield, & Paul Kolling of Terra0

    Through workshops, talks, and panel discussions, Matters of Currency will shed new light on money-power relations as mirrored in changing relations to technological and material transformations in the world today. Co-organized with Jordan Geiger and Chris Lee.


  • INTERSECTIONS: Ammerman Center 16th Biennial Symposium on Arts & Technology

    FEBRUARY 15 – 17, 2018
    Connecticut College, New London, CT

    Excited to be participating in both the symposium and the exhibition program with new work in progress “Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales of the Anthropocene. The aim of the symposium, now in its thirty-second year, is to create a forum for multidisciplinary dialogue at the intersection of arts, technology and contemporary culture. Artists and speakers include Natalie Bookchin, Nancy Nowecek and Ricardo Miranda Zuniga!

  • Shifting Landscapes: Signal Fire

    OCTOBER 9 – NOVEMBER 3, 2017
    Washington State University, Pullman, WA

    Delighted to be part of this exhibition with artists from my Signal Fire trip summer 2017. Signal Fire builds the cultural value of the natural world by connecting artists to our remaining wild places. Their projects foster self-reliance, creative energy, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Signal Fire utilizes public lands to advocate for equitable access, and protection of, wild and open places.

  • Conference on Intersections of Finance and Society, London

    NOVEMBER 2–3, 2017
    London, England
    Excited to be going to London to present at the conference Intersections of Finance and Society at City University of London. My panel will be moderated by feminist theorist Melinda Coooper who will also be giving a keynote along with Joseph Vogl.

  • How Food Moves: Edible Logistics

    MARCH 27 – MAY 27, 2017

    Excited to have “Garden of Virtual Kinship” featured in this group exhibition curated by Daniel Tucker at Rowan University Art Gallery.

    In How Food Moves, artists explore how food transits through complex patterns of distribution in between the point of origin (the farm) and its point of consumption (the plate). Increasingly, contemporary artists are creatively grappling with the complexity of food’s trajectory in this regard through research-based and participatory practices. Mr. Tucker, Graduate Program Director in Social and Studio Practices at Moore College of Art and Design, has brought together 10 multidisciplinary artists projects that grapple creatively with the complexity of food’s trajectory using research-based and participatory practices, community actions, video and photo documentations, interactive objects, digital technologies, and newly-commissioned pieces by artists who focus their inquiry from the regional context of Philadelphia and southern New Jersey.


  • Artist talk at Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

    FEBRUARY 6, 2017
    Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Los Angeles
    Delighted to be giving an artist talk at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism in Los Angeles as part of their Research Seminar Series!

  • Economia Conference

    APRIL 28-30, 2017
    Eindhoven, Netherlands

    Looking forward to participating in this 3-day festival exploring art, nature and economics. Part of Economia is the second Renewable Futures Conference, aiming to push the boundaries of our thinking about economy. The conference is organized in close collaboration with RIXC and the Renewable Futures program.


  • Eastern Bloc Sight & Sound Festival

    SEPT 28-OCT 2, 2016

    I will be part of this year’s Eastern Bloc Sight & Sound Festival: Per Capita happening Sept 28-Oct 2, 2016 in Montreal. I’ll be exhibiting “Planthropy” along with my collaborative project “Laborers of Love/LOL.”


  • CCA Santa Fe “Land Mark Show”

    OCT 9 – DEC 27, 2015

    Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Excited to launch a new collaborative project that examines the use of biomimicry to rethink distribution networks. Working with permaculture designer Amy Pilling, the “Myco-planning Network” will use mapping, live data feeds and mushroom mycelium to explore natural and manmade distribution networks within the context of food justice issues in New Mexico. The exhibition curated by Grace Kook-Anderson “views of our current ecology–documentation of our marks on the land, land use, and the fractured reality of utopian visions. ”


  • The Lowry Manchester “Right Here, Right Now”

    NOV 14, 2015 – FEB 28, 2016
    “Planthropy” makes it debut in the UK at the electronic exhibition “Right Here, Right Now,” This group show co-curated by Annet Dekker and Sarah Cook at The Lowry Arts & Entertainment Center also features works by Eva and Franco Mattes and Daniel Rozin.


  • MONEYLAB READER: An Intervention in Digital Economy

    A publication of the Institute of Networked Cultures
    My essay “Reversal of Fortune: Visualizing Marketized Philanthropy” has just been published in the this new volume of the MoneyLab Reader which focuses on the implications of the current architecture of global finance and its impact on ever-growing income disparity. The reader includes essays by Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Jim Costanzo, Renée Ridgway, Andrew Ross, Saskia Sassen and Tiziana Terranova. Edited by Geert Lovink, Nathaniel Tkacz, and Patricia de Vries.
  • ZKM “Globale: Infosphere”

    SEPT 4, 2015 – JAN 31, 2016 — Very excited for the official debut of “Reversal of Fortune: Garden of Virtual Kinship” at ZKM Center for Art & Media in the exhibition “Globale: Infosphere” in Karlsruhe, Germany opening September 4, 2015 through January 31, 2016. The exhibition features a diverse array of works by artists/collectives including Bureau d’tude, Blast Theory and Julian Oliver that expose the underbelly of our data driven culture.


  • 2015 Santa Fe Art Institute Residency

    JULY 2015 — For the month of July, 2015, I will be in residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) in sunny New Mexico for their 2014-2015 residency theme on food justice. I’m excited to be back after having lived there in the mid 1990’s. In addition to drinking margaritas and eating green chilies, I’ll be working with Amy Pilling, local permaculture expert and landscape designer, to develop a series of data visualizations created with gardens that map out local and regional food insecurity areas.


  • No Longer Empty “Bringing the Reality”

    MAY 13 – SEPT 11, 2015 — “10 Simple Steps to Your Own Virtual Sweatshop” co-created with Jeff Crouse will be on exhibit in a group show curated by No Longer Empty embodying the rhetorical role of parrhesia. Artists include Mel Chin, Melanie Crean, Tim Rollins and K.O.S and Dread Scott!
    Nathan Cummings Foundation, 475 Tenth Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY


  • 2014-2015 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Residency

    Very excited to be a 2014-2015 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace artist-in-residence! Please come visit my studio at 315 Hudson St!

  • Interview on www.streamingmuseum.org

    LAUNCHED MAY 2015 — “Garden of Virtual Kinship” is featured in curator Xiaoying Juliette Ying’s 4-part series that explores the creative process of artists who utilize new technologies.

    Watch the interview here:

  • House of Electronic Arts Basel

    MAY 24 – JUNE 24, 2014 — I will be showing with Jeff Crouse, our project “Labors of Love (LOL)” in the the exhibition “Perspectives on Imaginary Futures” at the House of Electronic Arts in Basel, Switzerland. The exhibition presents different artists’ concepts of how to take into our own hands the shaping of the future with the help of creative inventions, the potential of the internet and the possibilities of science. The show opens May 24th as part of Oslo Night 2014 and runs parallel with Art Fair Basel.

    Other artists in the show include Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen, Neïl Beloufa, Michael Burton & Michiko Nitta, Markus Kayser, Julia Minnig, Marisa Olson, Reinigungsgesellschaft, Tobias Revell, and Addie Wagenknecht


  • Performing Economies colloquium

    APRIL 4 -6, 2014 — Performing Economies was a 3-day colloquium event I co-organized with artist/scholar Paige Sarlin at the University at Buffalo. The event investigated the renewed interest in alternative economic models that have emerged in response to the devastating effects of the global economic downturn. Juxtaposing concerns for financial viability with the value of cultural activity and the necessity for environmental sustainability, Performing Economies focused on the performative, social, and political dimensions of urban revitalization initiatives. Questions as to how these increasingly visible systems of exchange build on earlier forms of barter, local currency, worker cooperatives, and mutual aid were brought to the forefront. The colloquium highlighted a range of projects and practices that re-evaluate older strategies of urban development and survival and suggest progressive and radical approaches to supporting the lives of individuals and communities.

    Invited guests included international feminist scholar Silvia Federici, environmental artist Mary Mattingly, activist writer Renee Ridgway and Andrew Herscher, author of “The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit.” University at Buffalo faculty included critical geographer Marion Werner and Miriam Paeslack, author of “Ineffably Urban: Imaging Buffalo.” Local organizations included PUSH Buffalo, Go Bike Buffalo, Partnership for the Public Good, Massachusetts Avenue Project, Clean Air Coaliton and the Breadhive Workers Cooperative Bakery.


  • FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology)

    DEC 12, 2013 – MAR 9, 2014 — Laborers of Love (LOL) featured in the exhibition “Time & Motion: Redefining Work Life” at FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology) in Liverpool, England. The exhibition uses artworks, research projects, archival materials and interventions to track our journey through the world of work, from clocking on at the factory gates to checking in online from our home office. Artists include Cohen van Balen, Harun Farocki, Oliver Walker, Blake Fall-Conroy, Sam Meech, Molleindustria, Andrew Norman Wilson and The Creative Exchange.

  • MediaCities

    MAY 3-5, 2013 — For  MediaCities this May 3-5, 2013 at SUNY Buffalo I will be showing the first version of a commissioned artwork entitled “Reversal of Fortune: The Garden of Virtual Kinship.” I will also be presenting a paper discussing the artworks relationship to crowdsourcing and the digital commons.

  • Econotopias theme leader at 2012 ISEA Machine Wilderness (Sept 2012)

    Very happy to announce that I will be theme leader for the ECONOTOPIAS symposium track at the 2012 ISEA Machine Wilderness in Albuquerque, NM this September. The “Econotopias” theme engages a critical dialogue around the challenges and excessive demands of the global marketplace and its impact on everyday life. It explores the future of creative economies as drivers of possibility in diverse communities and environments and through new technologies. By bringing local and international artists, engineers, economists, labor specialists and community organizers together, “Econotopias” focuses on the need for more sustainable social and production practices through programs on topics such as open-source ideologies, the gift economy, micro-credit, the culture industry and global outsourcing. Featured participants include Caroline Woolard (ourgoods.org), Jaromil (bitcoin.net), Ted Howard (Evergreen Cooperatives), Amanda McDonald Crowley (curator), Stephanie Pereira (Kickstarter) and Renee Ridgeway (curator/artist)

  • 2013 Transmediale BWPWAP

    Very excited to announce that Jeff Crouse and I will be presenting “Laborers of Love/LOL” at the 2013 Transmediale BWPWAP (Back When Pluto Was A Planet). We will do a performative lecture for the festival’s Desire thread on Saturday, Feb 2nd. “Laborers of Love/LOL” is a crowdsourcing project that explores how sexuality and desire are mediated through new technologies, specifically new models of global, outsourced labor. The project takes the form of an Internet service that uses anonymous online workers to create “customers” video fantasies.

    13:30 TO 15:30 – AUDITORIUM

  • Regeneration, New York Hall of Science

    “World’s Fair 2.0” is a collaboration between myself and Marisa Jahn for REV- that will be exhibited at the New York Hall of Science as part of the “Regeneration” exhibition curated by Steve Dietz and Amanda Parkes. In posing the question of what a “democracity” would look like today or in the very near future, REV- partners with youth reporters to create a virtual “augmented-reality” vision of a 2012 World’s Fair located on the former fairgrounds. The goal—a World’s Fair created not by corporations or the government, but by the community of Queens.

  • 516ARTS, ISEA 2012: Machine Wilderness (Sept 2012-Jan 2013)

    “The Secret to Eternal Levitation”, an installation and augmented reality mobile tour examining the relationship of luxury gated communities to resource extraction and allocation willl be exhibited at 516ARTs in Albuquerque, NM as part of ISEA 2012: Machine Wilderness.


  • Art Environment Action!, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center-Parsons/New School (Sept-Dec 2012)

    “Coming Soon!” will be part of the “Art Environment Action!” exhibition and workshop series at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center’s at Parsons/New School. The project is a mixed-reality urban walking tour enabled through smart phones and iPads that explores the visible and invisible traces of urban renewal in the West Farms neighborhood of the Bronx.

  • Virtual/Monumental, Bronx River Arts Center (Aug 2012-ongoing)

    I will be showing a new project called “Coming Soon!” ,  a mixed-reality urban walking tour enabled through smart phones and iPads that explores the visible and invisible traces of urban renewal in the West Farms neighborhood of the Bronx. The focus of the tour is a recently rezoned area, one of the largest in the borough, slated for redevelopment into a $350 million mixed-use planned community encompassing over 5-acres of land.

    Coming Soon! is part of the Bronx River Art Center’s “Virtual/Monumental” exhibition program investigating the shifting landscape of the West Farms neighborhood in the Bronx.

  • 2011 Harpo Award

    I am very honored to have received a Harpo Award to create a new project called “The Secret to Eternal Levitation” examining the relationship of luxury gated communities to resource extraction and allocation.

  • The Workers, MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA (May 2011-April 2012)

    I’m very excited to be in The Workers an exhibition at MASS MoCA expanding on the recent exhibition “En Cada Instante, Ruptura” at Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros in Mexico City curated by Carla Herrera-Prats. With the aim of questioning the representation of the contemporary worker immerse in a global economy, the exhibition features the work of artists Haroun Farocki and Sam Durant. Exhibition runs May 29, 2011–Apr 14, 2012. http://www.massmoca.org/event_details.php?id=631

  • En cada instante, ruptura, Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, Mexico City (Nov 2010)

    Curated by Carla Herrera- Prats, the group exhibition explores the archetypical image of the worker as it was presented by Siqueiros in his post- revolutionary murals, and also, the transformation and fragmentation that this iconic vision has suffered through the years.
    With the aim of questioning the representation of the contemporary worker immerse in a global economy, the exhibition features the work of artists such as Allan Sekula, Hugo Hopping, Laboratorio 060, Yoshua Okon and Sergio de la Torre.

  • Residency at HomeShop in Beijing (April-July 2011)

    From April to July, 2011 I developed a new project called The Journey West through an artist residency at HomeShop in Beijing (http://www.homeshop.org.cn) in conjunction with REV- (http://www.rev-it.org). The project, in collaboration with artist & writer Dan S. Wang (http://prop-press.typepad.com), is the creation of a temporary travel agency located in the recently gentrified neighborhood of the Dongcheng District near Tiananmen Square. The travel agency sold critical tours of “America” created by US artists and tour guides including Trevor Paglen, Ryan Griffis, Sarah Kanouse and “Wildman” Steve Brill. Images and further details on the project coming soon.

  • Residency at Shan Studio, Beijing (July 2010)

    Residency at Shan Studio (www.shan-studio.com) in Beijing. Collaborated with media artist Sheng (Gogo) Jie, Founder and Director of Shan Studio, on the project “One Step Beyond Shanzhai: Virtually Fake”. The project explores China’s knock-off/ fake (shanzhai) consumer culture through the creation of a virtual “Shanzhai” Village in Second Life.  The virtual village-cum-store called “Shan Villa” was used to conduct market research in the local hutong community. Participants were asked to comment on the use-value of new utopian consumer products in their virtual state that would be coming to consumer markets in the near future.

  • 01SJ Biennial, San Jose, CA (Sept 2010)

    “Best Practices in Banana Time with Doctor Rodenberger”, a mixed reality live talk show that takes place in both Second Life and real life, will be part of the upcoming 01SJ Biennial festival programming. Based on the Biennial’s theme “Build Your Own World”, Doctor Rodenberger (Rothenberg’s virtual doppelganger) will interview architects, urban planners and city activists  that are currently performing their jobs in both Second Life and real life. The show explores the virtualization of the workplace and the exchange of values, behaviors and ideologies between “worlds”.

  • Common Wealth for Common People, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece (ongoing)

    Invisible Threads is featured in “Esse, Nosse, Posse/Common Wealth for Common People” – an online exhibition by the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece. Curated by Daphne Dragona, the show aims to focus on the new forms of labor as well as on the new values and costs emerging in the new connected reality it represents.

    Contributing artists and theorists include Burak Arikan & Engin Erdogan, Nicholas Knouf, Jamie Wilkinson , Aaron Koblin & Daniel Massey, Geert Lovink, MediaShed, Molleindustria, Kate Rich and Trebor Scholz.


  • Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (July 2010)

    WorldXDiagnostics will be featured in the “Qui Vive?” Moscow International Biennale for Young Art opening July 3, 2010. The installation will be exhibited at the Artplay-on-Yauza Design Center.

    In conjunction with the Moscow International Biennale, WorldXDiagnostics will also be concurrently exhibited at Buffalo Arts Studio in Buffalo, NY opening June 18th. Gallery visitors in Moscow will be able to activate the diagnostic machine (that crazy organ thing) at Buffalo Arts Studio through a telematic interface. Thank goodness Stalin couldn’t get his hands on it!

  • New York Arts Magazine

    Interview with Stephanie Rothenberg, Sept/Oct 2006 issue

  • Eyebeam Roadshow, Version>07

    Chicago, Saturday, May 5, 2007

  • Dorkbot, NYC

    Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 7pm

  • 2007 Bent Festival, NYC

    Usernomics 1.0 Workshop
    Saturday, April 28 at 12pm at Eyebeam

    Tickets are $10 bucks donation but you can participate for FREE!

  • 2007 CONFLUX, NYC

    Usernomics 1.0 Workshop
    The Change You Want to See
    84 Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg
    Saturday, Sept 15th from 11:00am-1:00pm

  • 2007 Eyebeam Artist-in-Residence

    Stephanie Rothenberg joined Eyebeam in NYC as a 2007 Artist-in-Residence.

  • Beyond/In Western New York Regional Exhibition and Hallwalls

    The School of Perpetual Training at Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
    Hallwalls Cinema Sept 14-Oct 20, 2007

  • Society for Cinema & Media Studies Conference

    Digital Games & Labor Panel
    Sunday, March 9, 2008,12:00pm, Philadelphia

  • Synthetic Times Beijing Media Art Festival

    Symposium closing event in conjunction with MOMA and Parsons featuring Invisible Threads – Virtual Sweatshop @ Eyebeam
    540 West 21st, NY, Tuesday, April 15, 2008

  • 2008 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF)

    Visiting artist Stephanie Rothenberg ,Ithaca College, NY
    March 31-April 6, 2008

  • The First International Symposium on Smart Living Technologies, Cross-Disciplinary Education and Sustainable Culture

    Tainan City, Taiwan, August 15-17, 2008

  • October 2009, Fastfoward: Angel of History, LABoral, Gijon Spain (10/09-4/10)

    OCT 2009 – April 5, 2010
    LABoral Center for Art, Gijon, Spain
    Exhibition of Invisible Threads. Curated by Steve Dietz and Christiane Paul. FEEDFORWARD – The Angel of History addresses the current moment in history where the wreckage of political conflict and economic inequality is piling up, while globalized forces—largely enabled by the “progress” of digital information technologies—inexorably feed us forward.

  • Changing Labor Value, Vera List Center for Art & Politics at The New School (8/29/09)

    Exhibition and panel in conjunction with the conference Internet as Factory and Playground, Novemeber 12-14 at Eugene Lang College The New School. Organized by Trebor Scholz.

  • TURN*ON, Artivistic, Montreal, Québec, Canada (10/15-10/17)

    TURN*ON is the fourth edition of Artivistic, an international transdisciplinary three-day gathering on the interPlay between art, information and activism.

  • Feedfoward: Angel of History, LABoral, Gijon Spain (Oct 2009-April 2010)

    FEEDFORWARD – The Angel of History addresses the current moment in history where the wreckage of political conflict and economic inequality is piling up, while globalized forces—largely enabled by the “progress” of digital information technologies—inexorably feed us forward. Curated by Steve Dietz and Christiane Paul.

  • Sign, Art in Odd Places, with Retail Action Project, NYC (10/1-10/26)

    I am collaborating with the activist group RAP on public art projects as part of Art in Odd Places 2009: SIGN, an annual festival exploring the odd, ordinary, and ingenious in the spectacle of daily life.

  • Conversation Pieces, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY (9/11-12/1/09)

    Conversation Pieces is an exhibition that brings together projects by artists who stage, subvert, provoke, intervene in or dt public dialogues. Curated by Miriam Ghani and Sean Donaher.

  • Cybersex: What’s Art got to do with it?, New Media Caucus panel, 2010 College Art Association Conference (2/13/10)

    Chaired by Vagner Whitehead with panelists Barbara DeGenevieve, Doug Ischar, Stephanie Rothenberg & Jeff Crouse. Jeff and I presented “Laborers of Love”

  • Olympiad, Eyebeam Mixer, NYC (3/13/10)

    “The Great Avatar Challenge” with Scott Kildall – a mixed reality race with runners in real life and you guessed it, Second Life. The Mixer is Eyebeam’s acclaimed event series dedicated to showcasing leading artists in the fields of live media performance, interactive and participatory art.

  • Ecstatic, Round Robin Collective group show, NYC (3/12-4/4/10)

    The Round Robin Collective is pleased to announce ECSTATIC, an exhibition and series of events to be held in the former convent of St. Cecilia’s Parish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

  • Precious Cargo, University at Buffalo Art Gallery (March-May 2010)

    Precious Cargo is an exhibition of contemporary art and design projects addressing the flow of goods and services in an interdependent post-global world. Organized by multidisciplinary artist Paul Lloyd Sargent, works in this exhibition critique and complicate such binary oppositions as: inter/national vs. regional/local transport, [interdependent] global trade vs. [self-sufficient] local trade, supply chain vs. disposal chain, resource exhaustion vs. sustainable culture, consumption vs. reuse, resource vs. commodity, and more.

  • Outlook: Untitled, WHITNEY.ORG Internet Art Project (2010-2011)

    A series of Internet art projects commissioned by the Whitney specifically for whitney.org mark sunset and sunrise in New York City every day.

  • 2009 Creative Capital Award in Emerging Fields

    Award in Emerging Fields received for Reversal of Fortune

  • 2008 NYSCA New York State Council on Arts Award

    Funding received for new project Kinomic Redistribution System in collaboration with Megan Michalak

  • 2008 Sundance Film Festival

    New Frontier Theater exhibits Invisible Threads
    Jan 15-27, 2008, Park City Utah

  • ZER01 Festival San Jose

    June 4-7, 2008
    Artist for Global Youth Exhibition with SFAI City Youth Program + NexMap

  • 2008 ISEA Singapore

    Symposium Presentation
    July 25-31, 2008

  • Banff New Media Institute 2008 Interactive Screen

    Keynote Speaker
    August 24-30, 2008

  • Amsterdam International Film Festival

    School of Perpetual Training exhibited
    October 15-19, 2008
    click under “Mafia” program

  • M:ST – Mountain Standard Time Performance Arts Festival

    Zero Hour performance w/ Suzanne Thorpe
    Oct 3-5, 2008 Calgary, Alberta Canada

  • Dumbo Arts Festival/Video Dumbo

    “10 Simple Steps..” video screening
    September 26-28, 2008, Brooklyn, NY

  • “Service Aesthetics” Artforum September 2008

    “Invisible Threads” reviewed by Steven Madoff

  • Turbulence@Pace Digital Gallery, Pace University, NYC (4/09)

    Exhibition of School of Perpetual Training webcam website. Project commissioned through a Turbulence.org

  • Residency at Sumu/Gallery Titanik, Turku, Finland (8/09)

    Residency and exhibition for new project World X Diagnostic

  • 2009 ISEA Belfast Juried Exhibition, Golden Thread Gallery

  • Manifestios! Revolutions!, Terminal, Austin Peay State University (ongoing)

    The manifestos and revolutions found here are rife with language, overflowing with meaning whether social, personal, technological, environmental, or political. Curated by Jillian McDonald.

  • 2009 Turbulence New Radio and Performaning Arts Commission

    Funding received for School of Perpetual Training webcam website

  • Cities of Tomorrow, Performa 09, with Lize Mogel/Jen Kaminsky, NYC (11/09)

    Storefront for Art and Architecture
    Saturday, November 7 3:00pm

    A playful tour of the New York City of the future that merges urban geography, science fiction and guerilla street theater. Four short sci-fi scenes about New York City’s political, spatial, and social futures were produced in an afternoon workshop.

  • 2009 Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence

    Residency for new project Kinomic Redistribution System