Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling
Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling

Can an oyster listen? A collaboration between visual artist Stephanie Rothenberg and sound artist Suzanne Thorpe

The Beauty Spot (response to COVID-19)
The Beauty Spot (response to COVID-19)

How do we brand science?

Aphrodisiac in the Machine
Aphrodisiac in the Machine

Can a new species of bioengineered oysters solve the climate crisis?

Proof of Soil
Proof of Soil

Can the non-human labor of microbes solve the cryptocurrency energy crisis?

Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales
Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales

After Hurricane Maria: What might it look like if nonhuman forces could be put in the driver's seat during Puerto Rico's reconstruction?

Reversal of Fortune: The Garden of Virtual Kinship
Reversal of Fortune: The Garden of Virtual Kinship

A telematic garden, both real and virtual, whose lifeline is linked to monetary exchanges between the developed and developing world.

Reversal of Fortune: Planthropy
Reversal of Fortune: Planthropy

A garden of illuminated hanging planters whose lifelines are dependent on the techno-social rhythms of social media

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  • 4th Renewable Futures in conjunction with FELT (Future of Living Technologies)

    NOVEMBER 4-5, 2021
    Oslo, Norway (virtual)
    I’ve been participating yearly in this fantastic series of symposia and exhibitions under the umbrella project called “Renewable Futures”. For this year’s event based out of Oslo, I will be giving a short artist talk and also featured in the screening program curated by Jens Hausner and Kristen Bergaust where I’m showing the “Aquadisia” water promotional video.


  • BIFF Buffalo International Film Festival

    OCTOBER 7-11, 2021
    Great to be part of this Buffalo-based film festival where I’ll be screening the “Aquadisia” water promotional video at Silo City!


  • SLSA Society for Literature, Sciences and the Arts annual conference

    SEPTEMBER 30- OCTOBER 3, 2021
    University at Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (virtual)

    I’m very happy to be very involved in this year’s SLSA as it was postponed last year. I’ll be speaking on 3 panels (!!!) and also presenting “Aphrodisiac in the Machine” in the online project poster exhibition.


  • PostSensorium Symposium at 2021 RIXC Art Science Festival

    SEPTEMBER 24-25, 2021
    Riga, Latvia (virtual and in person)

    Excited to present a new work in progress “Tending Ostreidae: Serenades for Settling”, a collaboration with sound artist Suzanne Thorpe, that explores the “listening” oyster and the impact of noise pollution in New York Harbor.


  • 2021 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF)

    MARCH 22 – APRIL 11, 2021
    Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

    Looking forward to several events at FLEFF this year: a keynote speaker event in conversation with Claudia Pederson where I’ll talk about “Aphrodisiac in the Machine” and my new video “The Beauty Spot” reflecting on COVID-19 featured in the “Entangled Infiltrations” virtual exhibit!