Econotopias theme leader at 2012 ISEA Machine Wilderness (Sept 2012)

Very happy to announce that I will be theme leader for the ECONOTOPIAS symposium track at the 2012 ISEA Machine Wilderness in Albuquerque, NM this September. The “Econotopias” theme engages a critical dialogue around the challenges and excessive demands of the global marketplace and its impact on everyday life. It explores the future of creative economies as drivers of possibility in diverse communities and environments and through new technologies. By bringing local and international artists, engineers, economists, labor specialists and community organizers together, “Econotopias” focuses on the need for more sustainable social and production practices through programs on topics such as open-source ideologies, the gift economy, micro-credit, the culture industry and global outsourcing. Featured participants include Caroline Woolard (, Jaromil (, Ted Howard (Evergreen Cooperatives), Amanda McDonald Crowley (curator), Stephanie Pereira (Kickstarter) and Renee Ridgeway (curator/artist)