2018 MoneyLab Buffalo: Matters of Currency Symposium (organizer)

APRIL 27 – 28, 2018
Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center and Squeaky Wheel Media Art Center, Buffalo, NY
Super excited to be co-organizing the first North American MoneyLab, a critical finance event started by Geert Lovink at University of Amsterdam 5 years ago. Confirmed speakers include: Jason W. Moore, Adrian Blackwell, Caroline Woolard, Brett Scott, Cassie Thornton, Max Haiven, Fran Illich, Gabriela Ceja, Patricia de Vries, Leigh Claire La Berge, Caitlin Blanchfield, & Paul Kolling of Terra0

Through workshops, talks, and panel discussions, Matters of Currency will shed new light on money-power relations as mirrored in changing relations to technological and material transformations in the world today. Co-organized with Jordan Geiger and Chris Lee.