Outlook: Untitled


Outlook: Untitled attempts to offer a moment of respite within our hyper-mediated culture where all meaning is delivered in visual packets of bits and bytes. At the liminal time of sunrise and sunset, a period of transition that can lead to new perspectives, a frenzy of pop-up windows referencing the current social and economic global crisis, are interrupted by an unsuspecting presence.  Can the click of a button provide us with notions of how to affect the state of things or do we just remain in a state of perpetual liminality?

Commissioned by the Whitney for whitney.org as part of the Internet art series “Sunrise and Sunset” curated by Christiane Paul.

Flash development and animation by Jose Raymond Rodriguez-Rosario of JRVisuals.

To view project go to: http://www.whitney.org/sunset
The piece only happens for 30 seconds at sunrise and sunset Eastern Standard Time so make sure to get there early!

Sample of animation with quote.

Outlook: Untitled