Diagrams (Radical Cartographies)

Below is a collection of diagrams I have created over the years for various projects. I call these “radical cartographies” as they make visible power and the powerless while simultaneously mapping other models of more equitable world making. The diagrams will be part of a new project forthcoming. Click on image to get full size.

Ecosystem Hospitality

Can we rethink anthropocentric models of natural capital and ecosystem services into a more hospitable and symbiotic system?
2021 – ongoing


Proof of Soil

Can we speculate on forms of non-human labor that move between virtual and terrestrial networks to power global financial economies in an actual sustainable way?

Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales

What does it mean to understand nonhuman systems in terms of human behavior? Taking the aftermath of the 2017 Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as the focal point, these diagrams ask: what might it look like if nonhuman forces could be put in the driver’s seat during reconstruction?

“When Life Gives You Lemons"

“When Life Gives You Lemons”

“Speculating Aquaponic Paradise”

“Speculating Aquaponic Paradise”

“Rolling in the Dough"

“Rolling in the Dough”

“Tuning Speculation”

“Tuning Speculation”

“The Filthy Rich”

“The Filthy Rich”


Reversal of Fortune: Garden of Virtual Kinship

In looking at the phenomena of crowdfunding what is really needed to create a true digital commons?