Aphrodisiac in the Machine (work in progress)

Coming soon – a futuristic multimedia narrative about desire, seduction and the queering of bio-geo-political power that unfolds through the story of the hermaphroditic oyster.

Proof of Soil

Can the non-human labor of microbes solve the cryptocurrency energy crisis?

Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales

After Hurricane Maria: What might it look like if nonhuman forces could be put in the driver’s seat during Puerto Rico’s reconstruction?

Reversal of Fortune: The Garden of Virtual Kinship

A telematic garden, both real and virtual, whose lifeline is linked to monetary exchanges between the developed and developing world.

Reversal of Fortune: Planthropy

A garden of illuminated hanging planters whose lifelines are dependent on the techno-social rhythms of social media


  • Xenoform Labs Residency, San Francisco

    JANUARY, 2020

    I’m thrilled kickoff 2020 at Xenoform Labs, a new art and technology residency started by artist Scott Kildall. I’ll be experimenting with soft robotics to create a robotic oyster sculpture for my media installation “Aphrodisiac in the Machine.” And I get to be in California for January!

  • “Goodbye Cruel World It’s Over” at Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf

    NOVEMBER 27 – FEBRUARY 2, 2020
    Weltkunstzimmer Art Center, Düsseldorf, DE

    I’m thrilled to be in the exhibition “Goodbye Cruel World” curated by Janine Blöß at the Weltkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf along with some of my favorite artists including Sasa Spacal and Verena Friedrich. I’ll be showing a few works including “Proof of Soil” and “Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales.”

  • “Re: Working Labor Exhibition” at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    SEPTEMBER 20–NOVEMBER 27, 2019
    RE: WORKING LABOR > Proof of Soil
    Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    This fall I’m debuting a new artwork titled “Proof of Soil” in a fantastic exhibition called “Re: Working Labor” that explores the current state of contemporary labor. My piece looks at the problem of massive energy required to produce cryptocurrency. It speculates on the new forms of non-human labor – the labor of microbes in contaminated soil/brown fields (microbial fuel cells) as a solution to power the massive energy use of the computer AI of the blockchain to create cryptocurrency.

  • Z/KU Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin


    Berlin, Germany

    I’m excited to be a resident fellow at Z/KU this fall. It’s located in an old train station in the neighborhood of Moabit. I’ll be developing two projects that explore the ethical and socio-economic dimensions of biology as technology for human survival in extreme landscapes. Specifically the mass extraction of resources as the dominant solution to support human life and innovations in biological engineering.


  • 2019 Dinacon 2

    AUGUST 13 – 26, 2019
    Gamboa, Panama
    I’m thrilled to be going to Gamboa, Panama to participate in Dinacon 2! Created by artist Andrew Quitmeyer Dinacon is is an experimental conference about exploring new ways of interacting with nature. Situated in the heart of the Panamanian Rainforest and the hub of the Panama Canal, Gamboa is one of the world’s major sites for biological field research.